The Yigi Yigi is one of the worlds oldest wind instruments. They are made from trees that have been naturally eaten out by termites. There are no reeds and no finger holes. To play a Yigi Yigi their are four things one must accomplish.

  • One must vibrate their lips softly to create a raspberry. Do not blow it tight lipped because it is not a trumpet.
  • Use your voice box to create a sound like an owl Hoo Hoo or a Kookaburra Kookookookookooo
  • Flick your tongue to enable you to make a doi-ing doi-ing sound which mimics a hopping kangaroo.
  • Lastly one must be able to blow a note without stopping to take a breathe. This technique is called cycle breathing so vibrate your lips and breathe air through your nose at the same time.

Now combine all four things and you are well on your way to being a didge player. GOOD LUCK.

The length of the yigi yigi and the inside bore determines the musical key. The longer it is the deeper the sound. The shorter it is the higher the pitch. This means that one can cut the length to any note of the chromatic scale.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician in search of an authentic indigenous sound, or a collector of fine instruments, "Hudson Didgeridoos" are a landmark achievement in the long history of this fascinating & powerful instrument, welcoming a new dawning to the "Ancient voice of the future".

If you are an experienced yigi yigi player looking for a custom made instrument in a key/pitch of your choice, David will make and produce a quality piece for you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Please use the email link below to order your Didgeridoo, and David will be in touch with you shortly.

Contact David: management@davidhudson.com.au.