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Didgeralia is a diverse and unique business offering numerous packages for any organisation.

See below a snapshot of some of the services we offer. If your upcoming project doesn't seem to quite fit into any of these categories please still reach out! No two creative projects are the same. 




Do you have a project or idea in mind that may require the involvement of an Indigenous voice or perspective? No matter how big or small your project is we are able to provide you with different consultancy rates for the duration of your job.


capability & FACILITATION

The importance of Indigenous knowledge and awareness within an organisation is essential for employers and employees. David’s skills in Indigenous tourism awareness and practice as well as cross cultural content and awareness make him a valuable representative to have as part of an established or emerging business that identifies with Indigenous employment, delivering and implementing a positive approach and message to a business team and adopting workplace practice. 



A great speaker is someone who is: captivating, entertaining and humorous. David has been featured at numerous events nationally and internationally sharing his knowledge and experiences.

A great Motivational speaker, MC, Cultural presenter/trainer, Musician, Entertainer and Artist.

Make your next event one to remember. 



Artwork is a great tool to collaborate and ignite team building in your organisation or school. 

Over the years David has had numerous opportunities travelling around Australia implementing art workshops in schools and organisations. No matter how big or small your group is Didgeralia is able to accommodation your next artistic activity. 

Customised paintings are available too. Do you have a momentous occasion thats worth being represented in Indigenous artwork? Milestone birthdays or a favourite animal. 


David’s music tells a lot about where he comes from and who he is.  He is inspired by the simplistic things like the running water of a mountain stream, leaves falling in the rainforest and the rich cultural history of his ancestors – the indigenous people of Australia.


Explore many facets of David’s music while listening to samples from each of his recordings. 



Solo: David is able to perform for your next function or event as a solo performer. Singing, playing didgeridoo, guitar and interacting with the audience as he goes. He brings a relaxed and intimate style to this performance and the audience are made to feel as one. 

Band: David brings band members together (usually keyboard and percussion) to perform featured contemporary music from his many and varied albums. Click here for more detail. 




Have you every wanted a customised didgeridoo or boomerang before? 

Each piece is handcrafted to suit your personal requests or for the person your giving it to: 

Perhaps a: fish, coral trout, green tree frog, snake or dolphin?


A great addition and talking point to feature in your house. We also offer domestic and international shipping contact us to find out more information about your specific country. 


Do you have an event coming up that requires trophies? A hand crafted boomerang is a great concept and something different to include.

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