The Meditative Didgeridoo - Ooramin

David Hudson




This album features the traditional meditative qualities of didgeridoo played by one of the worlds leading exponents. The sparse 'spiritual' sounds make this an ideal album to enhance meditation or personal relaxation. 

Ancient Voice - David Hudson
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Dream Road

David Hudson




Features a totally new side of talents of David Hudson. Known around the world for his didgeridoo recordings using his vocal prowess David has turned his love of roots and country music into an exciting album of original songs penned in collaboration with award winning songwriter Mark mannock and produced by world renowned producer Nigel Pegrum. Highlights inlcude a stunning duet between David and Shane Howard performing Shane's Australian classic 'Solid Rock' and guest appearance by Fame legend Irene Cara from the USA. 

Waiting for the Rain - David Hudson
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Primal Elegance

David Hudson with Mark Mannock





The first (of three) in the 'Primal Elegance' series features an outstanding arrany of guest performance. The outstanding musicianship of cellist Christine Jackson from London's Royal Philharmonic orchestra is featured on several tracks, highlighting a wondrous interplay of culture and sound. 

Messenger - David Hudson & Mark Mannock
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Jinna Jinna - Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories

David Hudson



Traditional based Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories narrated by David Hudson accompanied by atmospheric contemporary and traditional didgeridoo based music are featured here. This album is ideal for children from across the world and for adults with an interest in the dreamtime culture. 

The River of Life - David Hudson
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